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The department of Mathematics, N.N.Saikia College has a signed a MoU with the department of Mathematics, Bahona College, Bahona so that faculty members of both the colleges can share their knowledge, skill and expertise with each other.Under this MoU, a Faculty Exchange Program was organized at the department of Mathematics, N. N. Saikia College on 17th November, 2022. In this program Dr. Manas Jyoti Bora, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Bahona College, Jorhat delivered a lecture on the topic – “Basics of Mathematical Modelling” where he highlighted the history, importance and types of Mathematical modelling. He also focused his lecture on the application of Mathematical Modelling in Biological Science, Economics and Social Sciences. Dr. Bora also talked briefly on the widely used models such as Monod, Haldane, Powell, Teissier, Moser etc. About 15 students participated in the program along with the faculty of the department.

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