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An add on certificate course on fundamentals of Yoga was conducted for 30 days (one month) from 18th May 2022 to 17th  June 2022 by the department of economics and education. The certificate course explores the fundamental concepts of mainstream yoga and its philosophical foundation. The course deals with both theoretical and practical aspects of yoga. The certificate course in yoga is built for beginners who wish to develop a career in yoga. The course is designed primarily to educate those interested in becoming a yoga instructor. Another goal of yoga is the implementation of the philosophy of yoga in everyday life.  

In this yoga course Total 54 students are participated from different department of the college. After the completion of the course, theory and practical examination was held on 16th June 2022. Out of 54 students 47 appeared in the examination. Among them “A” grade awarded to 15 students and “B” grade awarded to 32 students.

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