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A Volleyball Training Programme is organised by Sports Committee and Students Union NNSC, from 9th November to 23rd November, 2021 in the college premise. Kaushik Hatibaruah, a diploma holder of Sport Coaching from Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports, Bangalore and an eminent volleyball player of Assam was invited as coach. A total of 104 students took part in the training programme which contributed in the formation of one Men’s’ Volleyball team and one Women Volleyball team of the college. During the training session, the students were able to learn methodical and practical ways of playing volleyball game.

Volleyball Team (Men’s)

  1. Sri Kushal Tulsiary.
  2. Sri Nitu Saikia.
  3. Sri Debajit Das.
  4. Sri Chani Rajkhowa.
  5. Sri Abhinandan Kachari.
  6. Sri Samiran Kumar Kachari.
  7. Sri Dibakar Saikia.
  8. Sri Sankarjyoti Gogoi.
  9. Sri Sasanka Jyoti Das.
  10. Sri Priyanku Sakia.
  11. Sri Nihal Boruah.
  12. Sri Kusmando Borpatra.

 Volleyball Team (Women’s)

  1. Miss Ankita Changmai.
  2. Miss Mrinmoye Handique.
  3. Miss Ponchi Kachari.
  4. Miss Samikhya Gogoi.
  5. Miss Pubali Kachari.
  6. Miss Porinita Gayan.
  7. Miss Kunti Bora.

volleyball 3 Volleyball 4

Volleyball Training Volleyball 2

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