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The department has a society called “Mathematical Society, N.N. Saikia College, Titabar” and  was constituted on 23/03/2012.

Plans of the Society:

  1. To organize at least one invited lecture by eminent speakers in an Academic year
  2. To organize programmes for the students to improve their communicative skills through group discussion.
  3. To organize Mathematical Awareness Programme to school students to attract more students to Mathematics Graduate Course.
  4. To observe various Days relating to Science and Mathematics under the banner of the society.

Wall Magazine:

The Department of Mathematics has a spectacular Wall Magazine “MATHEMATICA”, illustrated and written by the students of the department. Poems, Articles, especially topics on mathematics are published in it. The first edition of “MATHEMATICA” was published on 29/04/2012. Since then, every year during the College week, MATHEMATICA has been published.

Nanda Nath Saikia College
Dhodar Ali, Titabar-785630,
Assam, India
Tel: +91 (3771) 248446
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