Important Updates

The Department of Assamese has the following facilities for the students and faculty members:

  1. Computer facility:The Department has a computer for record keeping and other works regarding publications etc.
  2. Department library: The Department has a library containing more than 500 books and journals.
  3. Museum: The Department has a cultural museum where ancient manuscripts, hand-made masks, traditional tools for cultivation and many other cultural elements are preserved.
  4. Wall Magazine:  The Department of Assamese publishes a half yearly wall magazine named Junbiri to develop the literary skills of the students.  
  5. Hand written magazine and news paper etc:  The Department of Assamese also regularly publishes a handwritten magazine named Alakananda, where students can write articles, story, poems etc . The weekly news paper Saptahi is published and displayed in front of the department, where students can learn about news paper editing, proof reading, layout in practical, etc.
  6. Research Journal: The Department has a National peer reviewed research journal named Navonmesh for promoting research environment
  7. One-to-one Mentoring System: The Department has a mentoring system for the students.  
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Assam, India
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