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Dr Gitanjali Gogoi completed her doctoral thesis on "Writing as Subversion: A Reading of Chinua Achebe's Novels". Her research areas include postcolonial literature, African Writing, Folk Literature, Indian-English Literature, etc.

Shahil Hussain is pursuing his PhD in the field of comparative study between North-Eastern Literature and African literature concentrating on the folk culture. His areas of interests include linguistics, Indian Writing in English, and cultural studies.

Kaushik Dutta is currently pursuing his PhD in which his thesis statement is about materiality in the novels of Kazuo Ishiguro. His areas of interests are literary theory, British Literature, materialty, and South-Asian Literature.

Kanseng Shyam is pursuing his PhD in folk studies and oral tradition in North-East India. His area of interest are Indian English Literature, folk literature, orality and postcolonialism.


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