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Nanda Nath Saikia College, since its establishment in the year 1959, has tried to impart education through a holistic approach in an effort to equipoise the academic and non-academic interests. The college has distinct vision and mission that emphasize on providing not only excellent facilities but also to develop moral and ethical values. This vision is not limited to the students, it extends to the teachers, parents, alumni and the people of the nearby areas. The key aspects of the Institution are:

Pursuing excellence in academics:

  • The college endeavours to provide a friendly environment and holistic education to the students. There is an effective tutorial system and mentor-mentee system in place, to cater to not only the academic needs of the students but also developing awareness of their mental well-being, possibilities of higher education, and career prospects.
  • National and international workshops, national and state-level seminars and conferences, Faculty Training Programmes are conducted frequently both at the college-level and department level. The CBCS system has also enabled inter departmental collaborations, thereby facilitating the students with the benefits of multidisciplinary possibilities.
  • Nanda Nath Saikia College conducts awareness programmes and socio-cultural activities are organized to develop consciousness among the stakeholders about human rights and ethics, gender sensitization, biodiversity, green economy, Inclusiveness, National Integrity, etc. The events and awareness programs are conducted by various bodies of the college like the Teachers’ Unit, NCC Unit, NSS Unit, Sampriti Women’s Cell, Career Counselling Cell, Nature Club, Students’ Union, etc.
  • The various departments of the college offer 18 add-on courses; they are specifically designed to enhance the knowledge of the students pertaining to their disciplines.
  • The college has 14 ICT enabled classrooms for the smooth functioning of the teaching-learning process. The students have reaped the benefits of modern classroom teaching process through this technical development in the college infrastructure.
  • The institution and its Career Counselling Cell provide coaching sessions for competitive exams such as civil service and other competitive examinations and orientation programmes are organised at the beginning of the sessions to raise awareness about the possibilities of the respective subjects.
  • The college also has a DBT-Sponsored Institutional Biotech Hub that has facilitated the students to work in multidisciplinary fields, thereby exposing them to preliminary idea of research. The concerned faculty members in charge of the IBT Hub also involve the students of nearby schools by conducting training programs, workshops, etc.
  • The Chakreswar Saikia Central Library of the institution is regularly updated with books and journals to promote greater interest of reading among the students and teachers. The Library is a member of the N-LIST and processing the registration for club membership of NDLI. The users can access 199500+ e-books and 6000+ e-journals available in the N-LIST database and 600000 e-books through NDLI.
  • The departments of the college have laboratory facilities that possess updated equipments. In the last five years, the college has acquired equipments worth 15 lakhs funded by RUSA, apart from the equipments purchased by the college. The Department of Geography has installed a GIS laboratory to facilitate the students with better understanding of the subject.

Green Campus:

  • Conservation and development of the ecosystem is paramount to the institution. Nanda Nath Saikia College has implemented a green protocol inside the campus and there is a complete ban on use of plastic.
  • The Department of Botany and Department of Zoology have adopted various measures to create awareness about environment-related issues. There is a substantial number of medicinal herbs and trees in the college premises and each of them have name boards attached so that the students and teachers can recognise them. Important days like Ozone Day, Environment Day, etc. have been celebrated by the departments to state the significance of the environment.
  • Several plantation drives in and around the college have been organised by the NSS Unit, Teachers’ Unit, and the departments of the institution that has indeed increased the greenery of the area. The increase in trees has also witnessed a healthy growth of the fauna in the locality.
  • The institution has a vermicompost plant that has catered the need for fertiliser in the college. The production has seen a steady growth, which has enabled the college to sell vermicompost at a cheap rate.
  • The students and teachers of the college actively participate in regular cleanliness drives in Government awareness campaigns like Swacchta Hi Seva, Swacchta Pakhwada, etc. Under such events, the nearby villages, market places and community areas are involved to develop an understanding of the importance of cleanliness.
  • The institution has 20KW on-grid and 5 KW off-grid solar panel as an alternative source of energy.
  • The college has a big pond that enhances the biodiversity of the institution.

Building social responsibility and developing community

  • The college fraternity takes an active role in the upliftment of the nearby communities. The institution makes effort to empower women by organising programs to equip them with self-reliant works like cutting and tailoring, handmade stationery items, fabric painting and food processing.
  • Nanda Nath Saikia College has taken various measures in disseminating the idea of self-sustainability. Notable among those are workshop on integrated farming system for income generation, training programme for small tea growers, workshop on bamboo and its utilisations, etc.
  • The college has taken initiative to organize cleanliness drives, planting of saplings in the adopted village as well as the nearby areas, beautification of the college premises with wall paintings, etc.
  • A number of departments have conducted community teaching in schools, community cultural survey, study of socio-economic status, etc.
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