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The college has been following effective mechanisms for maintenance and utilization of physical, academic and support facilities. The infrastructure of the college is well maintained and reviewed timely through regular meetings of the committees relating to infrastructure development. All the HoDs and office staff are also involved in infrastructure development and maintenance. They keep the records of newly purchased items as well as the existing equipments and other materials. The requirements of the departments are fulfilled after submission of proposals to the college office and approval of the same by the college authority. All the items are purchased by the process of inviting quotations and the same process is followed in case of repair and repurchases too. Teachers’ rooms, seminar halls, laboratories, classrooms, students’ common rooms, office, gardens, etc. are regularly cleaned by the housekeeping staffs. The Nature Club of the college monitors the green cover and overall hygiene and cleanliness of the college campus. For the safety and security of the college campus and the girls’ hostel, sufficient numbers of CCTV cameras, solar and electrical lights, fire extinguishers, etc. are available. Solar power, online UPS and generators are used for uninterrupted power supply. Pure drinking water is provided in a separate lounge and overhead water tanks are cleaned timely regularly. All the civil works relating to the infrastructure development and maintenance are done by engaging contract workers. Stakeholders submit the requirements of repairing and other maintenance works to the principal and all such needs are collectively fulfilled preferably at the end of every semester. Laboratory bearers of each department are responsible for overall maintenance of their respective department’s laboratories. The HoDs and college authority supervise the annual maintenance works which is generally carried out by different service providers and suppliers. New equipments are added to the laboratories as per the necessity of the departments. Time to time upgradation of the laboratories is also done. The library committee monitors the overall functioning of the central library while departmental libraries are monitored by the committees constituting the teachers and students of the departments. The principal approves books and other infrastructure as per the requirements. At the beginning of each session, newly admitted students are counselled about the library rules and regulations. The teacher in charge of sports in coordination with the college authority facilitates all the required sports equipments. The account of the sports equipments are recorded in a stock register. Authority maintains the outdoor sports infrastructures while the synthetic volleyball cum badminton court is maintained by the concerned supplier. The computer centre, departments, college office and library are well equipped with sufficient numbers of computer sets and other accessories. The online UPS, generators, internet connectivity, biometric services and computers are maintained by the service providers and the suppliers. The authority maintained all the classrooms and seminar halls. All the requirements of the conventional classrooms, e.g. blackboards, whiteboards and related materials are fulfilled and monitored by the administration. The service providers and suppliers maintain the smart class rooms and digital boards.

Hand Book of Duties Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics

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