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Mission of the Department

            The Department of Political Science has its definite mission which fixed its goals and objectives within the parameter or general goals and objectives of the College. The Promotion of scientific study of the subject, i.e. Political Science and to spread the knowledge of Global scenario among the students are  the prime objectives of the Department. To nourish the young generation with the basic concepts of the subject and to familiarize them with the  changing scenario in the field of Political Science has been prioritized by the Department. Besides, it endeavors to build human resources competent to the needs of the society, to impart knowledge on political issues necessary for the civic life and to develop logical thinking among the pupils. To make the mission a success, the Department designs the plans and programs in accordance with the syllabus and curriculum designed by the affiliating agencies i.e. the Dibrugarh University and Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.

Vision of the Department

        The department carries its own vision to train up the students basically coming from agrarian and tea garden areas to meet the challenges of the days of global world. The Department has the aim to produce a generation of quality citizens with all human moralities.

Nanda Nath Saikia College
Dhodar Ali, Titabar-785630,
Assam, India
Tel: +91 (3771) 248446
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