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The Political Science Forum :

The Department has a society named “Political Science Forum” which is the mother of all alike societies of the college, founded in 1973. Since its formation, the basic aim of the society is to popularize the study of the subject among the students and to take some positive measures to impart knowledge in the field of Political Science. The forum has been organizing Inter-College Debating Competition, National Seminar, Regional Workshops, 17th NEIPSA Annual Conference, JDPSA Conference, educational excursions to witness the working of state assemblies of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Meghalaya etc. for mental and intellectual development of the students.

Departmental Library :

The Department has a library of about 265 books under the charge of Head of the Department.

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Department Bulletin :

The Department has published Departmental Bulletin named "Politicus" consisting informations regarding the Deparment Profile & Activities.

Depatment Wall-Magazine:

The students of the Department cooperatively prepare Wall-Magazine named "Shristi" every year.

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Computer Facility:

 The Department has computer facility for record keeping and other works regarding publications etc.


There is a garden consisting of varied species of flowers and trees infront of the Department observed by the faculties under the guidance of Mr. Hemendra Thengal.

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